First Bottling Day!



Today was our first bottling day! Luckily, we purchased a really fantastic autosiphon from Adventures in Home Brewing, our new favorite store. The employees are the best, just so friendly and helpful. The auto siphon changed EVERYTHING, our experience was so much easier!


(I really like that the directive for #5)

For the first half-hour or so of bottling day was all about cleaning and sanitizing, which is apparently pretty typical. I scrubbed off the labels of our used bottles (Oberon was the best, so much easier to get off for whatever reason, luckily we’ve been drinking a lot of it!) first by soaking with vinegar, peeling with a sponge, scrubbing with olive oil to get off the stickiness and then washing with dish soap. Syd’s job was to sanitize everything; the bottles, auto siphon, tubing, bottle filler, etc.



Things got a bit bubbly when we started cleaning! Star San is the best because we just had to dip in the equipment and let it dry, no scrubbing or fuss.


Of course we had to reward ourselves for all that cleaning by drinking some Founder’s Centennial IPA while we worked.



(Selfie with the carboy)


So obsessed with our auto siphon. This was our slightly wonky DIY set up in our messy college house kitchen. Syd was doing the hard work of pumping the top while I filled the second fermenter…


…(just our boiling pot with the dissolved priming sugar) and then filled the bottles.


Trying to avoid that sediment! Halfway done with the transfer at this point.


Our favorite part was using the bottle capper! So much fun.


I look so hardcore in this action shot.


We ended up with nine 22oz bottles and twenty-nine 12oz bottles, after the spring fell out of the tip of the bottle filler fell out in two of the 12oz bottles and we didn’t get all of the wort out of the carboy because we were concerned about picking up sediment. I think it went really well! Plus we finished just in time to watch Game of Thrones, which is obviously very important. We might try making some mead before the season finale next week, any tips?

And a big thanks to benner42, Brian and everyone else who has sent us their support! We love all of your likes and comments, it’s so encouraging for new brewers. We’re going to post a reaction video of us trying our beer for the first time on June 29th when I get back from vacation and before Sydney goes to Geology camp. So stay tuned!


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